Fireye Nexus Linkageless PPC4000/NXF4000

8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
1020 Brevik Place, Unit 3 Mississauga ,Ontario L4W 4N7 , Canada
8 seats remaining

Course Topics:

  • Learn about hardware, installation, and commissioning in this course
  • Hardware requirements:
    • PPC4000 Controller, NXTS 410 Keypad/Display, FX Servo Motors, and NXC Oxygen Probes
    • NXF4000 Controller Flame Safeguard and Parallel Positioning
    • Variable speed drive interface modules
    • PPC4000 flame safeguard interface
    • NX6100, NX6220 Display and PPC6000 overview

Training Topics include (hands-on setup walkthrough):

  • Controller, servo motor, and O2 probe wiring requirements
  • Servo motor range setup and commissioning
  • Controller parameter/option setup
  • Oxygen O2 trim set-up
  • Commissioning of both types of systems
  • Variable speed drive setup
  • Boiler sequencing setup and commissioning
  • Flame safeguard operation
  • SD card back-up